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Here you can find articles all about language learning, culture, travel and connecting with people and places all over the globe.

Listening to Learners

One of the silver linings of the pandemic for me has without a doubt been the movement of webinars and academic conferences to an online...

Let it go

The point is, we have to listen to the Snow Queen. Sometimes we have to let go of our plan, let go of our control, let go of many things.

Only connect

Find out about how we managed to connect across the planet during the global pandemic and how much that means.

Online teaching

As the coronavirus spreads, many are moving to online teaching. Here are some steps and useful advice to help with the move into the virtual

The Fridays

When Chaos comes a group of teenagers unite to start again, at one with nature and each other. Join the Fridays on their adventure!


London has both an energy and a calm, a paradox of peace and chaos that marks it out from other cities. Its spirit and history ooze out...

Le Gers, Gascony

If you had asked me several years ago when I was living in my flat in Salford Quays, close to the hustle and bustle of England's second...


Adding another language to your skill set can open a great deal many doors to a new world of opportunities. Find out here why we chose to...


Erasmus is a scheme that began in the 1980's to help students to study abroad in the different countries of the European Union in the...

Italian tea

I had always loved food but my time spent in Italy taught me a whole new level of appreciation for the art, and often quite simple art,...


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