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Here you can find articles all about language learning, culture, travel and connecting with people and places all over the globe.

The Fridays

To the incredible humans I've met,

thank you for your love, lessons and friendship,

and for showing unity in your differences.

To my little people,

and all the young people of the world,

may you show others how to treat our planet with respect

and each add to a fairer, more loving future for all.

“Only connect” (E.M. Forster).


Set some time in the future, the Obliviaders have ignored all the warnings. Islands are starting to disappear beneath rising waters, extreme weather is bringing destruction, food and drinking water are scarce, wild animals are thought to be extinct, and wars are breaking out. On Fridays, young people march in the streets for their future and one group have come together over the internet to make a plan. When the Chaos comes, they will make their way to Telos, an island that thought ahead, that planned for the climate crisis and the breakdown of global systems. When the internet goes down, the teenagers, each with their unique characteristics and strengths, have to make their way to safety to start again in a world the Obliviaders have broken. Join Zale, Anda, Ravi, Katoka and company on their journey to a new but old reality where people of all different backgrounds, beliefs and abilities work together to survive on a small slice of the planet. There they will live at peace with nature and at peace with one another, the way things ought to be.


Note from the author

Starting from September 2019, I plan to release one chapter per month, one for each of the 12 characters of the story. I hope that the story will be used as a learning resource for learners of English, for all teenage (and older) readers and as a way to learn about other cultures - follow the links embedded to learn more.

May I ask that this e-book only be printed onto paper if absolutely necessary. I do not want paper to be used unnecessarily in the reading of this book.

© Copyright Heléna Stakounis 2019. All rights reserved.

Illustrations by Kim Hutson

Instagram: @Batfacedgirlart

Facebook: Kim Hutson Art

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