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For those who live or travel in Italian-speaking places or who wish to communicate with Italian speakers, this is a course to give you the basics. It will give you lots of exposure to listening and reading the language and give you tips for how to manage when you do not understand every word that is said. This course gives you the chance to practise speaking and writing through interacting with other learners of Italian, people we encourage you to make friends with so you can continue to practise together when the course has finished.

Italian Beginner

  • You can contact us to find out about the next course start date. Alternatvely, when you book the course you will be provided with a list of start date options where you can select which one you prefer. You can choose to begin on any of the available course start dates. You can change this start date up to seven days prior to the course. Any later than seven days before and unfortunately you will not be able to change.

  • Once you have booked a course, you are asked to choose a course start date from the options available.


    If you choose to change your start date, you can do so up to seven days prior to the course start date. Any time later, you will not have the option to change. 


    If you wish to cancel your course, you can do so up to thirty days prior to the course start date. In this case, a full refund will be given. After thirty days prior to the course start date, unfortunately no refund will be available. You can choose, however, to pass this course to someone else.

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